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October 2014 13 evening 8:00, Patek Philippe (Patek) 175 anniversary celebration was held in Geneva, Switzerland headquarters. As we all know, Patek Philippe every celebration will launch a special limited edition watch, but I wonder if you have not noticed, Patek Philippe replica to launch shock, celebrations go down in history watch is not a lot, and nearly 20 years of celebration are also not the 175 do so grand anniversary celebration, which in the end is why?


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According to Chinese tradition, pay attention to a small celebration for five years, a decade of Daqing. But Westerners believe that once required 25 years of Daqing, because in their opinion represents 25 years a quarter of a century, and 175 years to represent the one and three-quarters of a century, the Patek Philippe did not celebrate the 155,160,165,170 and so its anniversary. Patek Philippe made stand in 1839, the last grand celebration was in the 20th century, in 1989 the 150th anniversary of the founding, in that celebration, Patek Philippe had launched a series of far far-reaching and has become a legend of the table, where it including also known as the king of the watch Patek Philippe pocket watch, one of the greatest treasures Calbire89. In order to meet the brand’s first grand celebration in the 21st century, Patek Philippe seems to have prepared a full quarter of a century, the introduction of each piece is enough to another world wonder, let us work together to appreciate these soon will become a legend watch masterpiece.

I first want to say nature is called table town years and should now become a legend of 5175 “master string sounds” watch, you know this table on this planet only seven, which is a permanent collection of the Patek Philippe Museum the other six will be sold only Patek Philippe has long been loyal fans and collectors, if this table is not a global tour, wanted to see it, only to the Geneva Patek Philippe museum across the thick glass visited the. There are a lot of people say that 5175 has been replaced by 6002 become the new king of the table, for this statement I do not agree, because the function of these two tables involved focus entirely different, so it simply does not exist who replaced who question, 6002 is the king of the stars of the table, while the 5175 is no doubt that the king asked the table.

The reason I say that 5175 is the king asked the table, mainly because it is the world’s rare a very clear theme and feature extremely pure super complicated watch, we might look at all of the current super complicated watch in the world, almost are all added together to a variety of complex functions, but 5175 is a theme with sound, various timekeeping function to achieve the ultimate super complicated watch, so when someone says no Tourbillon 5175, no double chronographs without star map, I just think about the future trend of super-complicated cheap replica watches is definitely not a pile of a variety of complex functions, and if so, the end result will be nothing more than a 89 pocket watch made, even over a dozen in even years it is technically possible to agree, but I believe that man’s wrist and vision would not agree, in fact, not just a Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other powerful manufacturing ultra-complicated cheap replica watches top brand, in recent years have also increasing emphasis on ultra-complicated watch wearing comfort, cite a simple example, the effect of 6002 will get started 5002 better than many times. If a watch is not as complicated as it is no longer suitable to wear is a watch.

175th anniversary of Patek Philippe replica watches treasure

On the history of Patek Philippe replica, has a size of 5175 is the first feature from the Ming watch, the size of the self-ming function itself is actually not a particularly complex functions, but the size of the self-ming plus three questions is beyond doubt, and no one the most complex functions watch area is like a crown on top of the diamond, although this feature appears on the watch is also not new, but the introduction of Patek Philippe watch has this feature would be entirely another thing, its significance is far greater than the function itself, first of all, the introduction of this feature blocked all question no size Patek Philippe watch from the Ming features the voice of the world, the sound from the 1994 Audemars Piguet launched the world’s first the size of a watch from the Ming started has never stopped, just this year a full 20 years. It’s like when the people questioned Patek Philippe chronograph movement, as there is no production, although Patek Philippe has done a superb 27-70 movement point, but not on those who are still blocking the mouth. Eventually, Patek Philippe chose to speak with the facts, not only launched a chronograph movement entirely self-produced, but also two completely different manual and automatic chronograph movement, now 29-535 and 28-520 timing of these two new platforms will undoubtedly It has become the world’s top chronograph movement leader!

Secondly, the size of Patek Philippe from the Ming function has another meaning, that is to lead! Before the introduction of this table, at least there are no less than 10 brands have launched this feature of the watch, but most people still want to see the size of the Patek Philippe watch from the Ming what will be made of what kind? This is like last year, the major brands have launched a top-level science and technology shape is very wearable device like a watch, but whether the public or peers all Apple will launch what kind of products is full of infinite expectations, because the public wants to know the best products What? Peer then want to know how far away from the best? This is leading, ultimately, Apple Watch gives the answer, as 5175 also gives the answer, although 5175 did not use so-called top with four spring four hammer, also played no pleasant Westminster chime, but with it carried significance compared to some really becomes negligible, and in accordance with the Patek Philippe has always been the practice of the termination message, four springs and four hammer Westminster is nothing more than a want out of the question.

In addition to the size of the three questions from the Ming, the most special of 5175 and also the first time in the newspaper Ming date function on the watch when it comes to the birth of this feature, it seems wholly unknown to some dramatic, which is Patek Philippe is a loyal • Mr. Terry Stearns fans in a discussion with the president just when it comes to the possibility herald date, I did not expect with the birth of this watch, this feature has come true. This feature on the surface is represented by different sounds are tens and single-digit dates, but in fact, since the calendar information in this table is read from the calendar, and the sound is also relying on its repeater function, which it means that the two super-complex functions associated with the first generation of this association can be said is the first time in the history of the watch, we can imagine the future, not only can herald dates or even years, months, weeks Ming also reported just a matter of time.

Finally, we look for the 5175 movement, I said before, the biggest attraction Patek Philippe movement that is whether the early movement, or the latest movement, its jaws and polished version of the road forms are still the most the traditional taste, it is like opera and opera, no matter who sings, must be the smell, if a person a taste that pop up. And in the 5175 movement equipped with the new 300, we once again relive the traditional flavor, and the taste of it a bit more than a novelty, if I’m not mistaken, this is the history of Patek Philippe’s first use across the balance cock movement across the board should be said that one of the iconic features of the modern movement, he should be the biggest benefit it is to enhance the stability of the escapement system, although it can also use the movement across the board few, but let this modern product still follow the traditional styling of the brand. Up to now it was only a Patek Philippe.

In addition to put plywood, the movement Another notable feature is the egg fine Kale Zhuo Hua Cross flywheel deceleration from the previous located position changed to the hammer above, but also the position of the cross four vertices inlaid ruby ​​four, I Although it is not known for decoration or four rubies sometimes count function, but in short, still looked pretty gorgeous. Patek Philippe movement is not so much movement, rather it is a platform, watchmaker various functional modules can be added on these platforms and make it into a new movement, Patek Philippe is currently very famous platform 240,324 , 29-535,28-520, R TO27 and R27, so there is a view that, in fact, buy PP Buy platform, if when you put these platforms all under one roof, you will get a Patek Philippe diploma, but according to I know, this world can graduate should not be a lot of people.

So, for this Patek Lihua seven years developing the 300 movement I have reason to believe that it will not be just a simple movement, in the future it should evolve into a new platform, since 6002 can be said to have 27 platform to the extreme interpretation, Patek Philippe is indeed need a new platform as a basis for future development of ultra-complicated cheap replica watches, buy this table, according to a friend speaking, this table only minor flaw is not loud enough According to infer that this may be due to their part very much, not enough space inside the resonance case, and because the impermeable backing cause the sound to not be sent out due. Let us imagine, if and when a system equipped with this platform in the future and there is no calendar, no date herald transparent watch back when, how perfect it will sound with loud, I believe that when people sought its enthusiasm should be more than 3939 people now chasing passion!

However, 5175 except on Earth that lucky six people outside, other people may no longer have its opportunity, Patek Philippe unless that six people want to sell, but we can look forward to other works 300 platform to launch, in short, no one can really have !