Replica Patek Philippe has decided to continue to invest an additional 440 million dollars to stay in Geneva

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Replica Patek Philippe plans to Geneva, Switzerland, Plan-les-Ouates core plant investment 450 million Swiss francs ($ 440 million), while in less than a year ago, Patek Philippe chairman Thierry Stern has also said the company is likely to leave the city.
Thierry Stern, chairman and president Philippe Stern said in a statement: “We are very pleased to be able to continue to return by this major project in Geneva, but also to ensure that the company’s development and long-term future.”

 Fake  Patek Philippe, said the company is planning to build a new building of the old plant location to meet the training needs, strengthen research watchmaking and vintage watch repair, it is expected that the new building covers an area of 50,000 square meters, will be completed in 2018, Patek Philippe will have enough space to expand the training and research in the next 20-30 years.

Bloomberg reported last March, the company chairman Thierry Stern also worked for the French, “The Age” that if the tax burden is not reduced, the company may eventually need to move out of Geneva, or had to sell the plant.

  Cheap Swiss   Patek Philippe investment also foreshadowed the Swiss luxury goods company, a record level of cash flow. Cash balances Cartier Swiss parent company Richemont just released up to 4.9 billion euros, Swatch Group in November last year to 1.16 billion francs in Zurich bought on the main shopping street of well-known building.

Last November at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva, Replica Patek Philippe Watches Grand Complications of a 18K gold pocket watches category refresh auction record, looks about 23 million Swiss francs (US $ 24 million).