Slim complicated replica watches

The 1970s and 1980s is the traditional mechanical watches the dark ages, this time people for ultra-thin quartz movement pursuit of cheaper than mechanical watches, quartz machine to some extent, is indeed a great value, but in recent years with the the continuous development of watchmaking, the traditional mechanical clocks again people’s attention, ultra-thin movement, change of new ultra-thin watch again, especially in the ultra-thin at the same time into the new complex features that make this “invisible complicated” to further increase the difficulty.

By the larger watches, pocket cheap replica watches to the watch itself is a concentrated volume of advances in technology, with the trend of upgrading, and now those light and slim exquisite watch gradually become essential community who love the table was . Edit the article presents for everyone is the main gauge of some basic models slim watch, the next article, mainly related to merging with thin tourbillon, the three asked these and other complex functions. For most of the mechanical watch, in order to achieve a simple ultra-thin movement can be made thin plywood, shortened axle, oscillating weight change and other parts of the movement to change the way to reduce the thickness of the movement, but when watchmaker after thinning the parts but also to ensure their durability and stability, which is a huge problem, here, we take a look at the major brands is how to accomplish this difficult process it.

5940 gold Patek Philippe replica watches

Patek Philippe replica has a profound historical and cultural heritage, elegant and refined appearance and strong durability inherent function, the watch has the supremacy of a Kind, is one of the watch table fans yearning hearts. Including tourbillon, minute repeater and split-seconds chronographs super complicated watches series, calendar watch without doubt the most practical, it would be based on changes in a specific month, and always displays the correct date, Patek Philippe 5940 fusion of the most comprehensive function display.

The swiss replica watches has a 18K gold cushion-shaped case, case length 44.6 mm, width 37 mm. From a practical standpoint, the watch after a reasonable partition of the watch dial shows the most comprehensive complex functions, month and leap year cycle three o’clock position, on the six o’clock position relative to the display and date, as well as nine o’clock direction week display and 24-hour dial, every little dial have been fully utilized, is indeed the king of the table. Edge of the dial has a black minute scale orbital transfer, when the hands start to move on this golden background, will be able to remind people of past time for review and time for quiet enjoyment, reproduce retro charm.

This table Caliber 240 Q movement by the Patek Philippe watch studio complex function independent research and development to build by 275 independent parts composition, thickness is only 3.88mm. The original design basis of the movement in 1977, assembled in plywood in a 22K gold mini-wheel and a thickness of 2.53mm. Thereby presumably, can now join the four-year leap year cycle at the same time show calendar means imitate the orbit of the Moon, it increased by only 1.35mm, while based on different dates in January, and February 29 of a leap year. Powerful and complex functions do not interfere with the concept of slim, this great technology in the watch industry invincible.
Way back thousands of years of human use AD to identify the sundial time, but now with so many timing tool, different types of watches have demonstrated its powerful timing function, it is such a big step forward. I do not deny that, in fact, many people like to watch the heavy, because they feel weighty case on the wrist band, great texture, but it still does not hinder the pursuit of ultra-thin watchmakers and enthusiastic, without prejudice to the people for slim limit appreciation and admiration, which is beyond and progress of a technology. Row outsiders, ultra-thin watches but realized from the case of transition from a thick to thin, and do not understand the external structure of the slightest change will cause great changes in the internal parts, not blindly simple compression, through this articles explain, I hope more people pay attention to changes watches, concerns those who have been on the road struggling brand.