Patek Philippe Ref. 7121/200G Moon Phases Replica Watches Online Outlet

The Patek Philippe Ref. 7121/200G Moon Phases Replica is presented in a 33mm white gold Officer’s-style case featuring a bezel dressed in brilliant-cut diamonds.


It took almost 60 years for another women’s bracelet watch to hit the scene. Patek Philippe picked up the mantel in 1868, producing a yellow gold number on a matching bracelet. With a dial crafted in enamel and a case bedecked with diamonds, this treasure was sold to Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1876.

So why am I taking this particular stroll down Cheap Patek Philippe Replica memory lane? Because many brands sideline women when it comes to Haute Horlogerie options. If there are ‘women’s’ models to be had, they are usually dolled up versions of the men’s in a scaled down case. Patek Philippe has always figured women prominently in its offerings. Remember when it released the brand’s first in-house, hand-wound chronograph calibre in 2009? It was introduced in the Ref. 7071R ‘Ladies First Chronograph’.


The Patek Philippe Ref. 7121/200G Replica Watches From China bears all this prestigious lineage. First off, notice the 33mm case dimension is nearly identical to D.O. Wickham’s repeater. Another mechanical coup for female horophiles is that the calibre keeping time is the smallest complicated movement that Patek Philippe makes: the manually wound 215 PS LU caliber with moon phases and small seconds. You can see it ticking away through the curved sapphire case back.


While the previous Copy Patek Philippe Watches offered a yellow gold case and silvery-coloured grained dial, this one comes in a white gold frame and an inky blue, sunburst dial that resembles the colour of an evening sky. The sunburst treatment gives a cool shimmery effect depending upon the angle of the light.

At 6 o’clock is where the complication sets in. The aperture displays the phases of the moon to an accuracy of one day in a century plus 22 years. Contemplate that: If you bought the Moon Phases Swiss Replica Watches now and kept the wound, it would outlast you in accurately keeping track of the moon phases.

The dial is framed by an orbit of 132 brilliant-cut diamonds set in a staggered pattern called “Dentelle”, which is a lace-style setting technique offsetting two rows of stones. The sparks coming off the bezel make it look like there are more rows of diamonds than there are.


The Patek Philippe Ref. 7121/200G Moon Phases Best Replica Watches Site 2022 comes in a 33mm Officer’s-style case that has straight lugs and screwed-in strap bars. It wraps around the wrist with a hand-stitched, shiny blue alligator leather strap with prong buckle.

Throughout the centuries, Patek Philippe Replica has demonstrated it cares about and values its female patrons. They are an integral and important part of their past, present – and hopefully will remain so into the future. The Ref. 7121/200G Moon Phases is yet another exquisite example of their commitment in keeping us adorned through time.