Patek Philippe Rare Handcrafts 2021 Collection

Each one is unique, and the watch is not mechanically complicated. Instead, the Copy Patek Philippe Watch dial and case are used as canvases to display exquisite and vivid depictions of animals, landscapes and art with various manual techniques.

The case and bow are made of cloisonné enamel, and the hands are hand-carved, making it one of the most widely decorated watches in the series.

The Cheap Patek Philippe Replica dial is rotated by the engine, creating a leaf pattern in the background, and hand-carved embossed bamboo shoots. Then both are covered with translucent green enamel.

In keeping with the theme, this Patek Philippe Replica Watches From China is equipped with a pure gold stand, shaped like a bamboo shoot, sitting on a green marble base.

With similar patterns inspired by the Middle Ages, “Medieval Ornaments” are a pair of watches sold separately, with similar cloisonne enamel decorations.

Calatrava reference. 5177G-023 “Medieval Ornament I” is a round watch with a nail-shaped bezel. The dial has 15 colors of enamel.

The most abstract in the series is a pair of Golden Ellipse Replica watches online composed of two pieces.

Golden ellipse reference. The 5738/50G “Ellipse 70’s” dials are all decorated with cloisonne enamel, with psychedelic patterns inspired by the 1970s. Both patterns are composed of circular geometric shapes, echoing the shape of the Golden Ellipse case.

Patek Philippe combines the Dôme and the Cloisonné Enamel


Copy Patek Philippe Watches six new versions of handmade look of wristwatches from their regular catalog. Four of them were based on watches of enormous mechanical complexity, but what they all shared is the exceptional nature of the miniature handicrafts that were made on their case and / or dial.

Dôme and cloisonné enamel are two concepts that are part of Cheap Patek Philippe Replica genes. The Dôme are a specific table clock design that takes on the shape of a dome.

Cloisonne enamel is one of the great specialties of the Geneva manufacture. These two horological aspects seem to have been born to come together since the enormous external surface offered by Dôme table clocks leaves room for artisans to capture the extreme complexity of their work.

The motif that decorates it, called «Ripples in black and white», is made using the “Grand Feu cloisonné” enamel technique. The Patek Philippe Replica Watches From China partitions or screens that create the geometric figures are made using the gold threads typical of the cloisonné technique, which in this case adds up to a cumulative length of 9.6 meters.

For this, four colors of transparent, opaque and semi-opaque glazes are used, finishing the reproduction of the Patek Philippe 1:1 replica watches tiles by means of miniature painting. Each enamel plate requires approximately 9 firings in an oven at a temperature of 750 ° C. To make the contours of the tiles, the enameler uses 15.6 meters of 24 carat yellow gold wire.